Market Like a Boss Strategy Calls

Market Like a Boss Strategy Bundle

One-on-one support to jumpstart your marketing & bring in the clients you deserve

Confused about why you're not bringing in clients?


Does any of this sound familiar...?

You've been in business for a year or so...and while you've gotten a client here and there, but it's nowhere near consistent (and definitely won't get you to the $5K months you dream of). You're second guessing yourself constantly and you need someone to be your sounding board so you can attract clients with confidence.

You're spending all your time searching for new clients...and instead of finding the right people, you're wasting time and energy with people who are only after discounts and freebies. You're tired of hopping on calls only to find out that the person you're talking to just wants some free advice. If the right clients exist, you're certainly not finding them!

You've tried everything...and you have NO CLUE why you're not getting clients. You're constantly guessing whether what you're doing is working and you stop and start more times than a teenager learning how to drive stick shift. You wish you had someone to point you in the right direction and tell you HOW to find clients.

Did you answer "yes" to any of the above? 

If so, you are in need of a strategy bundle, my friend!

What if you knew EXACTLY how to get new clients?

Imagine having a solid strategy in place for how to get new clients.

Imagine bringing in steady clients every month.

Imagine being booked out months in advance.

That is TOTALLY possible...if you have the right support.

Maybe you want 1:1 coaching but you're not ready to invest in a longer program just yet. 

Maybe you've checked out my videos and trainings and you're like, "I want to give Michelle a test run to see if we're a good fit."

If yes, then my strategy bundle is the PERFECT way to get 1:1 marketing support without investing in a longer-term progtram just yet. 

In just four calls, we'll cover a variety of areas that will take you from getting a client here & there to being fully booked:

----> MINDSET: what roadblocks are holding you back from reaching your goals?

----> MARKET RESEARCH: do you truly understand your ideal client? 

----> MESSAGING: What messages will resonate with your audience & inspire them to take action?

----> MARKETING: What does getting visible look like for you? How will you get in front of your ideal clients?

----> MEASUREMENT: What's working/not working? What do you need to focus on and what should you let go?

If you know there's something you're missing but you're not sure what, a strategy call is just what you need to get clarity and refocus so you can crush your goals this year!


Um, do you really NEED clients?

If you're reading this, it's because you don't know how to bring in clients. If you knew, you'd be out there doing it already. Something isn't working and you need to know WHAT it is so you can go out there and get clients like the boss you are.

Maybe you're not ready to commit to a 1:1 program, but you need some support in figuring out how to get consistent clients.

Maybe you're thinking of getting 1:1 support down the road, but want to dip your toe in the water now so you can make this year your best ever. 

Maybe you're stuck and you need someone to challenge you to think outside the box and unlock your full potential.

I got you covered. Believe me, there's no problem that doesn't have a solution. I have a knack for hopping on a call with someone and figuring out right away what they're struggling with. It could be your messaging, it could be your strategy (or lack thereof), it could be your mindset...but until we hop on a call you'll never truly know. It's all a guessing game - and your business isn't a game of Clue, my friend.

What do you want to accomplish this year? And do you know what steps you'll take to get there? If the answer is anything less than a resounding YES, we've got some work to do. But don't worry - the answers are waiting for you on the other side of this page.

What's included in the strategy bundle?

  • ----> 4 Zoom calls that can be scheduled anytime between now and June 30
  • ---> A FREE MONTH of my group coaching program, Market Like a Boss
  • ----> A guide to help you create a plan to bring in steady clients

How will I schedule the calls?

----> When you pay for the bundle, you'll be taken to my calendar where you can schedule the calls at your convenience. All calls must be scheduled by June 30, 2019.

What's the investment?

$1,297 paid in full

(or 2 monthly payments of $649)

Who am I?

If this is the first time we're meeting, hello! My name is Michelle Vroom and I'm the founder of Vroom Communications. I'm all about helping female solopreneurs market like a boss so they can bring in the clients they deserve.

My first year in business, I had no clue what I was doing. I had no marketing plan and no idea about who my audience was. I was grasping at straws and taking on any and every client I could get my hands on (spoiler alert: it didn't go so well for me).

Once I invested in getting support for my marketing, everything else fell into place. My business grew like wildfire. I found myself with a steady stream of clients and - more importantly - my income was growing month-over-month. In fact, I hit $18K in September (!).

This can be your story too. The truth is, we're all way too close to our businesses to see things objectively. There are so many opportunities we don't take advantage of...simply because we don't even see them in front of us

Stop hiding out on the sidelines, my friend. This is YOUR time to make your dreams a reality. Don't wait for an excuse to play big - go out there and do it!

Here's what my clients have said...

"A one-hour call with Michelle led to me securing more than $8,000 in revenue -- in just two weeks. Michelle has a holistic marketing mind. She will help you maximize your business and reach audacious goals. If you're questioning if you should invest in her expertise -- just do it. You won't regret it."

— Mia Francis Poulin

"I was blown away by the clarity Michelle helped me uncover about the direction I was headed. The questions she asked helped me get clear on my goals, my ideal client and my marketing plan. Michelle listened before jumping in with advice, which was exactly what I needed."

– Tricia Isham

"I connected with Michelle one week before my launch. I had no plan, no goals nothing. In just one hour I feel like I have a clear vision of my launch and how to approach it, and know how I can measure that success realistically. If you are on the fence about this investment into your business, make the jump!" 

Alysa Martinez, The Mighty Mama

Ready to find your clients?

Book in your call and let's get down to business. No time to waste when it comes to getting those clients!


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