Fast Track Your Leads Workshop

How to find clients in Facebook groups (without breaking promo rules)


Want to land clients from Facebook groups but scared to break the promo rules?


Tell me if this sounds familiar...

You finally figured out which Facebook group your clients are spending time in...only to discover that the group has strict no promo rules. You're scared to get in trouble or get kicked out so you don't post anything in the group - even when you see posts from people who could be potential clients.

You're spending ALL your time going back on threads with potential clients...but aren't sure how to transition into talking about your offer or inviting them to join your community.

You see a post from someone looking to hire in your area of expertise...but there are 600 other posts from experts sharing links to their websites. You don't even bother responding because what's the point? The person will never see your post anyway.

You're scared to respond to a post and offer tips because you don't want anyone to disagree with you or think you're a you've seen people get attacked in other FB groups and you don't want to be the next victim.

You spend time crafting a post to share in another group...and no one responds. You feel embarrassed - especially since you see other posts that have tons of responses.

What if you could get a steady flow of potential clients from other FB groups?

I'm willing to bet you're not engaging in other groups because you're too afraid to do the wrong thing and get kicked out (which would mean losing access to all your potential leads). So here you are...hanging out in a ton of different FB groups with no real strategy for getting visible.

With so many FB groups getting stricter and stricter about promo rules, how are you supposed to talk about your business in those groups - let alone land clients?

It's completely possible - IF you have the right strategy. That's where I come in ;)

I have literally built a multi 6-figure business from marketing my services in other FB groups. In fact, going into other groups and making connections is how I grew my own Facebook group to 3,500+ members (and counting). Now, I land nearly 100% of my clients from my group - and that's because I made connections with quality leads in other groups.

If you understand the reason for promo rules and why group owners put them in place to begin with, then they don't seem so scary. That's exactly what I'm going to teach you (and no, it doesn't involve hijacking other people's groups or sliding into DM's).

Introducing...Fast Track Your Leads Workshop!

There are tons of programs and courses out there for people who want to grow their Facebook group. But very few resources exist to tell you HOW to make money and land clients from other a way that's not spammy.

That's exactly why I created Fast Track Your Leads. This 90-minute workshop will help you create a strategy for going into other groups and making connections that lead to clients. No more hiding out behind-the-scenes because you're too afraid to speak up. No more going back and forth over long threads with potential clients and hoping they'll ask you about your services because you're too scared to say anything in case you break the rules.

Facebook groups are a gold mine for clients. I'm going to show you how to utilize them effectively to get a steady stream of leads so you have a fool-proof system for landing clients whenever you want (you can thank me later).

Fast Track Your Leads will help you:

  • Find potential clients in other FB groups and grow your own community (without breaking promo rules)
  • Search efficiently for posts and threads that are worth your time responding to so you can avoid wasting all day in other groups (my system will take you an hour day or less)
  • Know how to stand out and connect with potential clients so that you can show up confidently on any thread (no matter how crowded)
  • Learn which type of posts get the most responses in other FB groups (along with examples of posts I've used to attract leads in other groups) so you never have to suffer the humiliation of sharing a post that doesn't get responses again
Topics We'll Cover
  • What you MUST have in place in order to attract leads & land clients from other groups
  • How to get 5 or more new leads from one comment on a post (without breaking promo rules or pissing off the admins)
  • A behind-the-scenes look at my exact strategy for growing my group of 3,500+ members (in an hour a day or less)
  • What type of posts drive engagement and convert best (and what type are a big waste of time)
  • How to stand out from others in the group (even if they do the same thing you do)
  • How to post without fear of judgement or worrying about looking like a fraud

The workshop takes place on Tuesday, September 22 at 2pm EDT. If you can't attend live, there is a replay. You'll have lifetime access regardless so you can go back to the content at any time.

The workshop is 90 minutes long. The first half will be teaching and the second half will be live coaching/Q&A. That means you'll have a chance to talk through your strategy with me and work out any kinks before putting it into action.

This is an interactive, conversational workshop - because that's how I believe you learn best.

The workshop is for you if:

  • You want to land clients from other FB groups (regardless of whether you have your own or not)
  • You provide a service and be making between $1-3K/month on average (though not consistently)
  • You're relationship-oriented and love connecting with other people (when you have a system for doing it).
  • You have a lead magnet or free resource that you want to share more broadly but aren't sure how do it in other groups without breaking the rules.
  • You're motivated, driven, and all in on your business (no backup plan).
  • You're willing to invest time in building connections with potential clients - you just need guidance on how to use that time wisely (this is NOT for you if you want to land clients overnight doing zero work).

(Yes, the same strategy that has made me 100K+ I'm teaching to you for just $47)


When you sign up you'll receive a bonus "cheat sheet" with 20+ questions/prompts to start conversations, five types of content that position you as an expert, and examples of top-performing posts I've shared in other groups.



----> Celebrity status in other Facebook groups with people tagging you in threads

----> A thriving, engaged audience excited to hear from YOU

---> Less time spent hunting down leads in a million different groups (and more time spent actually landing new clients)

----> More time to spend with your family because you're not worried about where the next client will come from


Who am I?

If this is the first time we're meeting, hello! My name is Michelle Vroom and I'm all about helping solopreneurs market like a BOSS so they can bring in the clients they deserve.

In March 2018 I decided to run my first challenge. I got 100 people into the challenge in 3 weeks - all from the strategy I'm going to teach you in this workshop. Those 100 people were funneled into a special FB group for the challenge...and after the challenge I decided to leave that group open.

That's how my Market Like a Boss group was born. Now I'm up to 3,500+ members - and it grows steadily every single day thanks to my strategy for building organic relationships in other groups.

Groups don't have to be scary. Promo rules don't have to be scary. I'm the queen of building relationships (my husband calls me a matchmaker among my friends since I love connecting different people with one another) and I can't wait to teach you how to utilize FB groups to their fullest...without spending a ton of time doing it.

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