Fast Track Your Facebook Group

A workshop for women solopreneurs who want to make money from their Facebook group like a boss


Is your Facebook group making you money consistently?


Tell me if this sounds familiar...

Most people in your Facebook group are not the right fit and tell you they can't afford your services.  

You spend all your time looking for the right people and struggle to grow your group quickly. You're tired of people looking for free advice and you feel like your group is a big waste of time.

You're spending ALL your time sharing daily themes, prompts, and questions in your Facebook group. 

Your audience engages with you, but only if it's a post about their favorite fruit or emoji (or if they can promote their business). You're tired of putting so much time and effort into your group without anything to show for it. You're considering moving to a different platform because Facebook just doesn't seem to be working for you anymore.

You're sharing so much value in your group that you're practically working for free. How much is too much?

You get comments and messages from people asking for free advice. Everyone says you're super helpful. Yet when it comes time to share details about a paid offer or program, you hear crickets. You're spending all your time on Facebook and wish there was a streamlined way to offer value and still make money from your group. 

What if you could land clients & make money from your group anytime you want?

Let's not beat around the bush: you're in business to make money. There's no shame in that. 

But I'm willing to bet you're not sharing your services in your group because you're afraid of hearing crickets or you don't believe anyone wants what you have to offer.

I used to feel the same way. When I started my Facebook group, I gave away all my best tips and advice. I coached people for free. I was the really super helpful expert who got on discovery calls with the wrong people because she felt like she had to be nice. I once spent two hours on a call with a member of my group helping her come up with a marketing plan, only to have her say she couldn't afford my services at the end. 

I was spending all my time helping people grow their businesses, but I wasn't growing my own. 

Then one day I had a HUGE realization while I was on a call with my coach... 

I was afraid to get clients because I didn't believe I would get them results. It was so much easier to coach people for free because there wasn't any pressure to get results since no money was exchanging hands.

Once I identified this limiting belief, everything changed. My coach helped me realize that my fear of success was causing me so avoid clients like the plague and self-sabotage my efforts. I worked hard to shift my mindset so that I saw the value of what I offer and who is the perfect fit for my services. 

We then put a strategy into place to reach those people. With the support of my coach, I took massive action to get the right people into my Facebook group, build those relationships, and offer discovery calls to those who would be dream clients. 

Instead of viewing offers and discovery calls as sales tactics, I viewed them as opportunities to further serve my audience by helping them take the next step for their business.

Now I serve my audience and give them tons of value...all while landing clients and making money with ease. Every time I promote a service or a program, people buy. In fact, when I launched a new program recently, I made $6K in one week from my group alone.

Freedom is knowing I can make money from my group whenever I want. 

With the right strategy and support, that freedom can be yours too.


Introducing...Fast Track Your Facebook Group!

There are tons of programs and courses out there for people who want to grow their Facebook group. But very few resources exist to tell you HOW to make money from your group once you've got members in there.

You don't need hundreds of thousands of members in your Facebook group to make money. In fact, you can start making money from your group even when you're just starting out. I made my first 3 sales when my group was less than 100 members. I went on to hit my first $10K month with less than 500 people in my group. 

That's exactly why I created Fast Track Your Facebook Group. This 90-minute workshop will help you land new clients and make money from your group anytime you want. No more hearing crickets. No more helping people for free without anything in return. No more spending all your time running a Facebook group that doesn't bring you any money or clients.

Fast Track Your Facebook Group will help you:

  • Land new clients from your group consistently so that you never wonder where your next client will come from
  • Identify the money making activities that you need to do regularly in your group so you can bring in consistent clients and income
  • Set proper boundaries between offering paid vs. free content so that you know how much is too much and you're not coaching people for free

These are the types of messages I receive regularly from my group members...

Topics Covered
  • What you MUST have in place in order to make money from your group ASAP
  • How to prep your group so they are primed and ready to buy (and so you don't hear "I can't afford it")
  • How to shift your mindset and move past the fear that's keeping you from making offers in your group
  •  How to identify which group members are more likely to buy so you can follow-up without feeling gross or spammy 
  • A behind-the-scenes look at exactly how I make money from my group anytime I want

The workshop is for anyone who has a Facebook group of any size and wants to make money from it. Even if you've just started a Facebook group, the tools I teach you during this workshop will set you up to land clients faster.

PLEASE NOTE: this is a recording of a live workshop, which means you'll receive instant access when you purchase.

$117 $97

That’s less than what some people pay for coffee in a month. And your business is more important than coffee, right? 😉


A swipe file with actual messages and posts that have landed me clients from my group. (value: $297)

Bonus trainings on how to grow your group & create Facebook lives that convert (value: $197)

Why should you make money from your Facebook group?

Many people will say that Facebook groups are for engagement and not for making money. 

I disagree.

Your Facebook group members know that you are in business. They WANT to be in your group for a reason. They have free will. They could leave at anytime. Yet they are in your group because they feel connected to you and they believe in the value you offer.

Believe it or not, your group members WANT you to talk about your services and programs. Often we think that if people want to work with us, they'll make the first move. That's not the case. Your audience is scared. They know they need help, but they're afraid take the first step. That's why you need to show up as the confident expert and tell them HOW they can work with you.

It feels a heck of a lot easier to land clients and make money by connecting with people in your group than posting offers to strangers on promo threads. Or worse, messaging someone you've never met trying to strike up a conversation just so you can get to the sale.

Your Facebook group is too valuable not to make money. Fast Track Your Facebook Group will teach you how to land clients and make money from your group consistently. With the resources and support I'm giving you in this program, I'm confident you'll go from landing clients once and awhile to having people coming to YOU asking to work together.


----> Celebrity status among your group

----> A thriving, engaged audience excited to hear from YOU

---> Less tolerance for BS from people who just want to "pick your brain"

----> More time to spend with your family because you're not worried about where the next client will come from


Who am I?

If this is the first time we're meeting, hello! My name is Michelle Vroom and I'm the founder of Vroom Communications. I'm all about helping female solopreneurs market like a BOSS so they can bring in the clients they deserve.

When I first started my Facebook group, I gave all my time and advice away for free. People loved me...but it wasn't getting me any clients.

As soon as I overcame some limiting beliefs around the value I provide and got support from a coach to help me take action to land clients in my group, everything changed. Now I land 95% of my clients from my Facebook group. My most recent launch netted me $22K in less than two weeks --> and all the sales came from my group.

This can be your story too. You've already got a group full of people waiting to work with you - let's start bringing in those clients and money!

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