Does finding dream clients feel like searching for a needle in a haystack?

Market Like a Boss Group Coaching Program

Do any of these sound familiar?...

When you launched your business, you were happy just landing any client...but now you've seen that not all clients are created equal. You're tired of jumping through hoops for clients who don't appreciate your value. You're also tired of feeling like you have to lower your prices just to land a client (which means you're serving more clients, making less money and aren't sure how to reach your income goals with your current capacity). If clients who can pay more money exist, you're certainly not finding them!

You're stressed trying to juggle your 9-5 AND your business...and you find yourself doing work or checking your phone when you're with your kids. All of this would change if you went full-time in your business, but you're scared to take the leap because you don't feel confident your business can provide for your family yet.

You've already made the leap of faith and left your 9-5 to go full-time in your business...only it's not the rainbows and sunshine you expected. You feel like an employee reporting to a bunch of different bosses. You're spending ALLLLL your time serving your clients, yet they're still not getting great results (which means you feel like a total imposter and question whether you should even be in business).

You're passionate about what you do...but you're not actually doing the things you want. You're serving more clients than you would like and offering a million different services you don't want to do (or even feel qualified doing). You're terrified of losing any of your existing clients because it also means you're losing a majority of your revenue and your security blanket. You want to simplify your business but you're not sure where to start.

You feel sick to your stomach at the thought of booking sales calls...because you're scared of hearing the word no. Your confidence is at an all-time low and so you start avoiding calls altogether. Sure, you stay consistent in your marketing and you keep showing up but you're not taking the action to actively talk to people and book sales calls out of fear of rejection.

You're relying on referrals but they're very inconsistent...and you would much rather grow an audience so you can get clients of your own (instead of taking on family friends who think they're doing you a huge favor and who always expect discounts). But you're scared to get visible. The online world feels harsh, your business feels so personal, and you're terrified that others won't think you're good enough or that someone will badmouth you.

You lack focus and feel completely scattered...which is frustrating because you know you can do the work if you knew which path to take to land more clients. You spend a lot of time in Facebook groups but you're not really sure what you're doing and it's not getting you clients. You're strapped for time and you want to be sure you're focusing your efforts where you're going to get the most success.

You attach your self-worth to the success of your business...and each day you don't bring in the clients you want you feel more and more deflated. You're putting an insane amount of pressure on yourself to land clients every day and every "no" you get from a potential client feels really personal. You always feel like you should be doing more to grow your business. Nothing ever feels enough and at the end of the day you're completely exhausted.

Did you answer "yes" to any of the above? If so, the Dream Client Accelerator is perfect for you!

What if all your clients were dream clients?

That's completely possible with the Dream Client Accelerator!

During this six-month program, you will:

  • Get clarity on who your dream clients are and where to find them so you can reach consistent $5K months and finally leave your 9-5 for good (and even have an $8-10K month)*
  • Figure out how to market to your ideal clients, including where to start and what order to do things in so you're only focused on the things that will make an impact vs. flying by the seat of your pants
  • Get confident raising your prices so you can work with fewer clients and make more money
  • Learn how to create messages that attract dream clients who are ready to invest with YOU  (no more spending hours writing one Facebook post)
  • Grow an engaged audience online so you can stop relying solely on referrals (which we all know are inconsistent at best)
  • Learn what activities to focus on daily so you can prioritize your time on the things that really matter and will actually get you clients
  • Increase your confidence in offering sales calls so that you always have several calls on your calendar every week
  • Get comfortable talking about your offer and handling any objections potential clients may have on sales calls so you don't have to play the waiting game and can get a "yes" right on the call (this will also help you feel more confident actually booking calls since you're confident that you can deliver results for the client)
  • Shift your mindset from that of an employee to a BOSS so that you're no longer afraid to show up online and tell people about what you do
  • Get back more time in your day so that you're not working all the time and sacrificing memories with the people you love
  • Get accountability and support from other solopreneurs just like you so that you can get out of your own head and stay on track, even during the tough times when you want to quit

"I can honestly say that the Dream Client Accelerator has been a game-changer. Michelle has given me the confidence to be the boss of my business. I'm learning to trust in myself to make decisions for my business and be the CEO. What I love the most is that there's a group of supportive women all at the same level. You feel so much better because you know you're not alone."

- Lauren Smit

Why should you enroll in the Dream Client Accelerator?

Many coaching programs offer great information, but they leave you hanging when it comes time to put the ideas into action. I've come across so many women who have invested in DIY courses, programs or coaches without receiving the accountability and support they need to actually follow through and get more clients. Or they enroll in a program where the coach tells everyone the same steps to take regardless of what business they have.

That's not the case with the Dream Client Accelerator. You'll get guidance and direction on how to land dream clients every step of the way (and I don't do cookie-cutter). I'm not the kind of coach that drops in once and awhile to say hi. I go deep with my clients and when I show up, I SHOW up. I've been known to go longer on group coaching calls to be sure anyone who's struggling gets the support they need.

I've also built an incredible team of coaches who cover the core areas you need to grow to $5K months and beyond - copywriting, sales, mindset, and productivity/systems. In the Accelerator you get FIVE coaches for the price of one...along with an entire squad of women who are cheering you on and can help you work through any challenges you're facing in your business. I haven't seen any other group programs with this level of support at this price point.

Imagine a reality where you don't have to hope and pray a client finds their way to you. A reality where you're growing your audience every single month and booking multiple sales calls every week (and hear yes more than no). A reality where you don't have to take on a client just because they're willing to pay you. A reality where you can have an entire roster of clients you love working with. A reality where you don't have to offer a ton of different services and can actually choose what you want to work on.

Let's face it: so far you've been playing small. That all changes now. You are capable of so much MORE than you realize. You get to write your success story. And I'm going to show you how.

Dream Client Accelerator Overview
Target Audience
  • How to identify the clients who are ready to invest so that you can stop attracting people who never seem to have the money or who don't value your expertise
  • How to filter out the "tire kickers" or people who want free advice so you can stop wasting time talking to people who will never work with you (and how to get confident saying no to the people who DO want more of your time)
  • How to structure your offers so you can bring in consistent clients and replace (or even surpass) your 9-5 income
  • How to craft messages that make dream clients want to hand over their credit cards right away so you can make what you were making at your 9-5 (or more)
  • How to write posts and emails that have people contacting you asking how to work together (including the exact Facebook post that brought me 4 new leads) how to cut the time you spend writing Facebook posts in half
  • How to communicate what you offer with confidence so that you attract people who actually want your solution (and are willing to pay for it)
  • How to grow your Facebook group and attract the right people so you always have a steady stream of potential clients (plus a behind-the-scenes look at how I've grown my own group to 3,000+)
  • How to build relationships with the right leads in just one hour a day so you don't have to stay up late after the kids go to bed refreshing your newsfeed and hunting for clients (or worse, DM'ing cold leads)
  • Where to find new leads so you don't feel like you have to keep up with a million different social platforms (which means you can stop killing yourself trying to create a picture perfect Instagram feed)
  • How to book more sales calls (and close them with ease) so you always have a steady flow of clients
  • How to make offers on the sales call without feeling salesy so you can hear yes immediately instead of playing the waiting game afterward only to hear a no several weeks later (or get ghosted completely)
  • How to handle objections on a sales call so you're showing up as a confident boss vs. tripping over your words (including sales scripts that will help you take ownership of the call and know what to say when)
  • How to talk about what you do with confidence and share client results without seeming braggy
  • How to create the mindset of a 6-figure business owner so that you can reach your first $8-10K month
  • How to overcome your fears surrounding money and getting clients so you can stop playing small and go after bigger money goals (and feel comfortable receiving more money)
  • How to stop feeling like an imposter who doesn't know what she's doing and how to recognize the talent you already have without feeling like you need to learn more
  • How to create a content management system to organize and schedule content so you can put out more content consistently while saving yourself time and headaches
  • How to structure your day to get more done so you're not working 24/7 (plus how to time block effectively)
  • How to organize your entire business so everything is working smoothly on the backend and you can get more clients on the frontend
  • How to manage your client workload effectively so you can keep your clients happy and still have time to grow your business
  • How to create automations/funnels to attract more leads on autopilot without taking more of your time
  • How to know what and when to outsource so you're not stuck doing #allthethings yourself

"I joined the Accelerator and it was the best decision I made for my business all year. I've gotten so much clarity about who I want to serve and what I want to offer them. The content in the Accelerator is worth tens of thousands of dollars. If you are on the fence, I highly recommend joining the program."

-- Kelley Doutre

Who is this program for?

(important, please read)

  • The Dream Client Accelerator IS for you if...

----> You're a female service provider who is ready to reach consistent $5K months (and would even love to have your first $8-10K month). This program is not just for coaches - it's for women who provide a service for business owners AND consumers (ads strategists, web designers, brand designers, etc.).

----> You're still in your 9-5 and want to go full-time in your business OR you're already full-time but want to replace what you were making at your job (so you can say your business makes as much as you were making at your full-time job).

----> You're earning some money in your business (ballpark $1-3K/month though it's very inconsistent), but want a steady cash flow so you know exactly how much money you'll bring in every month (which means you can save for the big trip you've been planning or put away money for your kids' education).

-----> You're a high-achieving go-getter who is 1000% committed to your business for the long haul and extremely motivated. You thrive in community and want to be around other women with the same big dreams you have.

----> You're serious about putting in the work and don't need your hand held. "I don't know" isn't in your vocabulary and you're committed to keeping an open mind and finding the solution.

----> You see the value in mindset work (maybe you even do it for your clients) and aren't looking for a coach to just give you all the answers or a bunch of boxes to check.

----> You're not afraid of hard work - you just want guidance from an expert several steps ahead of you so you can make sure you're focused on the right things that will make the most impact.

  • While many entrepreneurs will benefit greatly from the Dream Client Accelerator, I will be completely honest and say that it's not for everyone (and that's a GOOD thing, because cookie-cutter doesn't get you clients).

  • The Dream Client Accelerator ISN'T for you if...

----> You're in a multi-level marketing company (MLM). The strategies I teach only apply to women who sell their own services.

----> You run a product-based business. This program focuses on tactics for women who offer done-for-you or done-with-you services.

----> You're still figuring out your business idea. I recommend working with a business coach first to get clarity on your business.

----> If you haven't gotten a client yet. You MUST have already validated your offer and be making approx. $1-3K/month to join the Accelerator. This is NOT a program for beginners. It doesn't matter how you've gotten the clients (most women who join the DCA are getting clients primarily from referrals) as long as you've gotten at least a few.

----> If you're expecting the program to be the magic pill that solves all your problems. The Dream Client Accelerator is hard work and like anything, you only get results if you're willing to put in the time and effort. I'm not a babysitter. I expect that every person in this program will give it their all. If you're a quitter and you don't like hard work, don't bother signing up. Seriously.

----> If you're not comfortable admitting you don't know everything. If your answer to everything is "I already know that" or "that won't work for me" instead of "How can this work for me?" then this is not the right program for you.

----> If you're super needy and want your hand held. This is a group program and although you have an opportunity to get individual coaching on the weekly calls, I will NOT hold your hand. I'm not going to chase you down and see how you're doing or follow up with you every five seconds to make sure you're getting what you need. You're a big girl and if you need someone to talk you through every step in your marketing, this is NOT the program for you. I recommend investing in 1:1 support.


When does it start?

  • Whenever you want ;) The program is open year-round as long as spots are available.

How long does it run?

  • You'll have access to the Accelerator for six months. 

How will the program be delivered?


  • There will be weekly coaching calls where you can get hands-on coaching. All calls will be recorded in case you can't join live or need to watch the replay. Hearing what the other women are struggling with and watching how they're coached will take your business to the next level. ($5,000 value)
  • You'll get access to FOUR other coaches specializing in sales, mindset, copywriting, and productivity/systems. ($8,000 value)
  • You'll have lifetime access to a vault of trainings that will show you how to find and attract dream clients. That way there's no pressure to binge watch any of them (unless you want to!) ($3,000 value)
  • I'll pop in periodically with bonus trainings to help you work through any roadblocks that are standing between you and getting clients. ($1,000 value)
  • The coaches are ALL in on your success and we're 100% committed to helping you get to where you want to be. We are the coaches that will tell you what you NEED to hear, not what you want to hear. We'll always be honest with you and speak the truth in love because that's how you get real, tangible results. If tough love isn't your thing, then this isn't the program for you.



  • I just added a BRAND-NEW BONUS of two 1:1 calls with me. That means you get some custom 1:1 support in this program to help you land clients faster. (value: $700)
  • You’ll get access to a private Facebook group where you can ask questions, get my direct feedback on your stuff, or hold impromptu brainstorm sessions with the other ladies. You also have the option to be paired up with an accountability partner for extra support. (priceless)
  • You'll have access to four (yes, FOUR) other coaches who are total rockstars in mindset, copywriting, sales, productivity and systems. Getting access to this type of high-level coaching will make YOU a better coach and expert too. In fact, joining the Dream Client Accelerator doesn't just make you makes your clients better too. ($4,000 value)
  • We'll hold monthly virtual meet-ups where you can get to know the other ladies and refer business to one another. ($197 value)
  • You'll also get onsite tech support via our Productivity/Systems coach Kerystyn. If you're having trouble setting up an email funnel (or you're not sure what one is) or you need help with a scheduling or project management tool, Kerystyn will help you out!


What's the investment?


- A checklist of 15 ways to land your next client fast (this checklist alone can help you make back your investment for the Accelerator) (value: $197)

- How to stand out & land clients from FB group threads (value: $97)

- How to convert clients via Facebook Lives (value: $127)

- Fast Track Your Facebook Group workshop to help you land clients from your group (value: $117)

- How to make $1K in 30 days (value: $97)

- 8 steps to leave your 9-5 and go full-time in your business (value: $97)

- How to save 2+ hours a week and be fully booked (value: $97)

That's more than $20K in coaching, resources & support...all for less than $2,500!


I'm 100% confident that the Dream Client Accelerator will help you land dream clients. So for the first time ever I'm offering a #dothework guarantee. If you show that you've done the work but haven't gotten a new client during the six-month program, you'll get your money back in full.

To receive a refund, you must show that you've attended all the coaching calls (or watched all of the replays) and watched all trainings. You'll also be required to submit the accompanying worksheets and show evidence that you have implemented what you've learned.

To be clear - this isn't a "I don't like the program so I want my money back" type of deal. I'm offering this guarantee because I know how scary it is to invest in something for the first time and I want to alleviate those fears so you can get the help you need. Keep in mind that I expect you to go all in on your investment...if you do that then you won't even NEED the #dothework guarantee. If you're looking for an excuse not to do the work, then the Accelerator isn't for you.


---> 2 weeks notice to your 9-5 so you can go FT in your business

---> Extra money in your bank account to contribute to your family, go on vacation, or save for your kids' education

---> Irresistible confidence that makes people take notice

---> A steady stream of DM's from potential clients

---> Less tolerance for people who want to "pick your brain"

---> More time to spend with your family because you're not worried about where the next client will come from

---> A cheering squad of biz besties to collaborate with and refer business to one another


"I've paid the same amount for other programs as I have for the Dream Client Accelerator and have not gotten the kind of support that I get with this program. I can walk through a course all day long but the piece that was missing was having feedback from somebody that knows what they're doing."

-- Seanna Asper

Meet Your Coaches


If this is the first time we're meeting, hello! My name is Michelle Vroom and I'm the founder of Vroom Communications. I'm all about helping female solopreneurs market like a BOSS so they can bring in the clients they deserve.

My first year in business, I had no clue what I was doing. I had no marketing plan and no idea about who my audience was. I was grasping at straws and taking on any and every client I could get my hands on (spoiler alert: it didn't go so well for me).

Once I invested in getting support for my marketing, everything else fell into place. My business grew like wildfire. I found myself with a steady stream of clients and - more importantly - my income was growing month-over-month. In fact, I made over $50K in revenue in five days because I know exactly who my dream clients are and how to attract them!


Kathryn is an Integrator & Business Coach for visionary, growth-minded entrepreneurs scaling from 6 to 7 figures.  

After 10 successful years in the marketing agency world, Kathryn ventured out to truly take control of the impact she could have on those craving success, flexibility, happiness and financial freedom. And she hasn’t looked back since.  

Now six years later, Kathryn spends her days helping entrepreneurs solve their biggest business challenges, move past their mindset blocks, plan and implement high performance strategies that drive results and unlock their true business potential. 

Kathryn also happens to be my business coach/operations manager and has taught me everything I know about mindset and sales. She is the one of the main reasons why I hit 6-figures in 2019 and I can't wait for her to teach the Accelerator ladies how to grow the business of their dreams!


Ryann Dowdy loves helping women build businesses doing what they love! She launched her sales coaching business after meeting dozens and dozens of women doing AMAZING work - but struggling to get clients. Ryann has now helped hundreds of women get clients, grow businesses, and make more money than they even dreamed of - by mastering their sales conversations.

Whether you’re still struggling to get your first client or looking for help raising your rates and getting fully booked, Ryann wants you to know that there are people out there with problems that you solve!

Today, as the founder of the Uncensored Sales Program and a thriving community of thousands of women, Ryann is passionate about helping you make money doing what you love. After a 15 year Corporate career and growing multiple multi-million dollar sales organizations - Ryann leverages real world experience to help online business owners connect, serve, and sell in a way that feels good to them!


Katie is a copy coach and sales strategist responsible for her clients selling over 12 million dollars in online product (and counting!) - without being 'salesy'.

Even though you may not have heard of Katie, you might've bought something from 'her' already, since she moonlights as 'big names' of some of the biggest web celebs. Now she loves coaching clients on how to find their voice and sell with authenticity.


Kerystyn Williams is a Systems Strategist who loves getting lost in the details. She’s a planner and a problem-solver who gets great satisfaction out of making things “click.”

She started her business to help make the process of growing a sustainable business model ‘click’ for other high-achieving entrepreneurs who are ready to make a big impact.

Her experience as a tech consultant paired with her experience as a hiring consultant gave her the skills she needed to grow her business to five-figure months within the first year--all while working less than 20 hours per week.

Now she helps other women get the RIGHT systems in place so they can grow their business in a way that makes them excited and eager to show up, instead of stressed out, overwhelmed, and defeated.

PS. Kerystyn is a Dream Client Accelerator graduate, so she can also help you get the most out of the program!

Here's what other women like you have to say...

"I loved having a group of women to bounce ideas off of and to lean on for support. In the Accelerator I hit my first $5K month and I don't think I could have done it without Michelle's help."

-- Karen Escobar

"Michelle blew me out of the water with the amount of knowledge she has. She's helped me think outside of the box and dig deeper than just putting a post on social media. I know I 100% couldn’t be where I’m at today if it wasn’t for Michelle and her program. She's helped me in so many ways that I couldn’t have imagined."

- Aly Robins

"Most of my clients have been from referrals. I never got a client from a discovery call until I joined the Accelerator. Thanks to the program, I feel a lot more confident talking to people about my business, which has made a huge difference. I think this was the best decision I've made for my business to date."

- Lindsey White

A little note about uncertainty...

It would be silly of me not to acknowledge the unusual times we find ourselves in right now. You're probably tired of hearing the word "uncertainty" but it's important to talk about it. I get that things feel uncertain right now. I get that it probably feels really selfish to invest in yourself right now. I get that there is more pressure on you and your business than there ever has been.

But here's what I also know: there is truly no better time to grow your business than right now.

Why? Because so many people are shifting to online businesses - whether it's starting a business or taking their existing business online.

While the rest of the world is feeling the impact of COVID, the online world is exploding. I've seen this personally in my business (June was my biggest month ever and March was my third-biggest month). I'm also seeing it in my clients' businesses - in fact, one of my clients had $10K month in March (right after her husband lost his job and she became the sole breadwinner).

Uncertainty doesn't mean your business can't grow. It just means you need a little extra support. That's what I'm giving you in the Dream Client Accelerator. I've carefully crafted every aspect of this program to focus on growth. I've also handpicked a team of incredible women to help you reach your goals (including my own coach).

While this is a marketing program, you're not just going to get marketing support. You're going to getting better at selling your services. You're going to feel more confident in your business. You're going to become a master at creating copy that stands out. You're going to manage your time better than you have before. All of that leads to more growth.

You have a decision to make. You can let fear stay in the driver's seat. Or you can reclaim your spot at the wheel and commit to growing a business that provides more comfort and security than a 9-5 ever will.

The decision is yours. Which path will you choose?


A last word (I promise)...

I know investing feels scary. That's a GOOD thing. It means this is important to you and you're taking it seriously.

I'm not going to convince you to join the Accelerator. I won't twist your arm. This is a decision only you can make. Frankly, if you're not sure I'm the coach for you then you shouldn't join this program.

If you're expecting me to get you results and do the work for you, then you shouldn't join this program.

Bottom line: do you trust yourself to do the work and get results? If you're all in and believe success is up to you, there's literally no way you won't be successful. You've already gotten this far on your own - what's possible with extra support inside the Accelerator?

I'm on a mission to build a community of women who stand tall instead of shrinking back. Who own the crap out of their expertise because they know they're freaking amazing at what they do.

Are you ready to join us?

Have questions about the program? Want to join but are nervous about investing?

Book a call with me and let's chat! I'll answer all your questions, talk with you about whether the Accelerator is right for you, and discuss options for investing.

*Every effort has been made to accurately represent this program and the results that are possible for the right clients. Please note that the income mentioned on this page is by no means a guarantee. As is the case with any business, your income results may vary and will be based on your individual capacity, the clients you're targeting, your experience, and the amount of money you want to make. There are no guarantees concerning the level of success you may experience while you're in the Dream Client Accelerator. There is no guarantee that you will make any revenue at all and by joining the program you understand that your success is up to you and only you.

© 2020 Michelle Vroom